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Toronto Bioenergy

Q: How does bioenergy work? Are there any scientific studies supporting it?

A: There are now two books out specifically on the scientific background of energy healing: James Oschmann, PhD, Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis and Claude Swanson, PhD, Life Force: The Scientific Basis. Both contain references to scientific studies on energy healing and both have hypotheses on how energy healing works. James Oschmann's hypothesis is that trained energy healers harness the Schumann Resonance, or the geomagnetic micropulsations of the planet. Dr. William Bengston's geomagnetic studies with mice support this hypothesis. In one study cited by James Oschmann the frequencies coming out of a trained healer's hands were measured to cycle through all the frequencies the body's tissues need to jump-start healing. No such frequencies were measured in untrained controls.

In several ground-breaking studies with mice William Bengston w
as able to bring about full life-span cures of cancer using energy healing.

Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: That depends on your condition. Some conditions can improve greatly or clear up over one or two sessions, others take longer. One can expect chronic conditions that have been in place for years to take longer. Many clients note immediate improvement in their pain levels or general levels of well-being, even if the condition doesn't clear up immediately. If you are receiving treatments for an injury, you should already note some relief of your condition either immediately after the first treatment or the following day. Improvement can be sudden or incremental, but should be quicker than what you would observe through physiotherapy alone. 

Q: Can I learn energy healing?

A: Everyone can learn energy healing. However, just as with playing an instrument, there are varying levels of talent. Some people only learn enough to play Chopsticks at parties, while other people go on to become concert pianists or great composers. A desire to learn plus some curiosity is all that is needed to begin. 

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