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Toronto Bioenergy
Bioenergetic Rehabilitation

You have suffered an injury through sports activities, a car accident, work, or simply through a fall. You have received medical care, physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture. And yet you are still not up to par. There is nagging pain or compromised movement. In the words of a client of mine, your physiotherapist has given up on you and you have given up on your physio. What more can be done?

The answer to your difficulty may be bioenergetic rehabilitation. Over the past years I have helped many people with chronic injuries. Frozen shoulders, painful knees, post-surgical impairment have all improved with bioenergetic care. Most clients notice a difference after the first session and further sessions bring further improvement. In fact already after the first session you will know whether this form of rehabilitation is for you, so there will be no weeks of wasted effort. 

Bioenergetic rehabilitation does not involve painful manipulation or exercise. It is not massage. It works with the recognition that we are more than physical bodies and that in the course of an injury or a surgical intervention the body's energetic template becomes compromised. Setting it right is a relatively simple matter with the application of the appropriate bioenergy healing techniques.

Over the past 15 years I have worked with martial artists, athletes of all kinds and everyday people helping them improve their mobility and reduce their pain. Please see the testimonials page for some of their stories. You can book your first treatment at judith@torontobioenergy.com.


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