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Toronto Bioenergy
Who am I?
My history: I was quite young when my mother died hours after her first radiation treatment for breast cancer. Tests showed at the time that there was no cancer in her body, but her doctor prescribed the treatment as "prophylactic" ("just in case") so any undetected cancer that remained wouldn't have a chance to spread.

My mother's untimely death led me on a life-long quest for something less hurtful and invasive that could help people navigate health issues in a more positive way. After investigating nutrition, fitness and the mind-body approaches offered by martial arts and meditation, I found bioenergy healing in the late 1990s through an introduction to qi gong and Reiki.

Reiki. I first learned Reiki in 1999 and became a Reiki Master in 2002. Reiki was powerful and inspiring. I found that it promotes deep relaxation and allows the body to invoke the healing response. 

Treating injuries: In 2003 I learned Quantum Touch, an American modality founded by Richard Gordon. Quantum Touch promised to "turbo-charge" Reiki, which I found indeed to be the case. It is also had a more straightforward physical application than Reiki. As a modality it is very helpful with injuries and chronic joint conditions. Read more: Treating Injuries with Bioenergy.

Cancer: In 2007 I met Dr. Bill Bengston, who was able to cure laboratory mice of cancer using bioenergy, and I encouraged him to bring his work into the mainstream. He taught and mentored me for a year and a half while we held workshops together in the Toronto area. He now teaches in the US and Germany. His method was a powerful addition to my toolkit.
Read more: Bioenergy Healing and Cancer.

Other conditions: I next learned the Domancic Method, which is unique among energy healing modalities in directly addressing a large variety of physical conditions diagnosed by medical doctors and in treating symptoms of disease. The Method, founded by Zdenko Domancic in the former Yugoslavia, has "recipes" for treating diseases and conditions ranging from simple headaches to MS and cancer.

New frontiers: I've also studied Matrix Energetics and Russian New Knowledge, both of which are examples of informational healing, in which the body is encouraged to resume normalcy not through energy but information. These methods are at the cutting edge of the healing spectrum and can create surprising effects, such as the healing of a case of frozen shoulder in one week, in a mere three treatments.

Putting it all together: I now apply all these methods in my toolkit singly and in combination to find the best mix to help my clients.

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