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Toronto Bioenergy
Why bioenergy?

Why "bioenergy"?

Modern medicine shines when it comes to trauma response and the care of acute conditions requiring visits to the emergency room. It is less able to address chronic illnesses and intractable pain.

Bioenergy practice, which views the client as a holistic entity, can help ease the suffering caused by these chronic conditions.

Some high-profile doctors have already recognized the importance of bioenergy to health and wellness.

Dr. Larry Dossey, author of numerous books on healing, divides medicine into three "Eras":

  • "Era I", which is medical practice as we know it and treats the body as a biochemical machine;
  • "Era II", which recognizes the power of the mind in healing, such as in meditation and biofeedback;
  • "Era III", which brings the discoveries of quantum physics and a view of the body as a matrix of energy and information into the picture and recognizes our interconnectedness with others.
Bioenergy practice belongs to this third era. Dr. Dossey believes in the future these three eras of medicine will collaborate to help bring the best possible outcomes to patients with all kinds of diseases and conditions.

Dr. Mehmet Oz sees energy healing as "the new frontier of medicine". In 2011 he invited Reiki Master Pamela Miles to his show to demonstrate Reiki, a form of bioenergy, and suggested that all Americans try Reiki as part of their regular health care. Reiki is only one of many modalities offered by Toronto Bioenergy.

If you are suffering from a chronic condition, including chronic pain and restricted mobility due to an injury, contact us and see how the many options we offer can help you improve your life. We can help even if you have tried and exhausted everything orthodox medicine and physiotherapy have to offer. With bioenergy there is always hope, if not for a cure than at least for a better quality of life and less pain.

What you can expect

A gentle, non-invasive energetic experience; a positive atmosphere conducive to well-being; encouragement for you to participate in your own healing process; feedback from your own body that changes are occurring. Many people feel warmth, relaxation, coolness, electricity, pressure, magnetism or a gentle breeze during treatment. Some people report that their hands tingle. Clients with minor discomfort such as headaches can experience immediate changes. Chronic issues can take longer to respond, but observable changes can occur already during or after the first session. For the stories of clients who found bioenergy beneficial, read the testimonials.

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