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Toronto Bioenergy

Yours hurt.

bioenergetic rehabilitation you could have less pain and better mobility.

Even if you are waiting for a knee replacement. Even if you've already had arthroscopic surgery and your knees feel worse than ever.

Even if you've been told nothing other than a complete knee replacement will make your pain go away.

I've been making knees feel better since 2003.

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Some testimonials:

I injured my knee 2 years ago and developed persistent pain. It was interfering with walking, exercising and even driving. I tried anti-inflammatory medications, and an orthopedic surgeon injected steroids in the knee. As a physician (I am a neurologist) I have very conservative views of how illness occurs and how treatments work, but I became desperate. I was really skeptical when Judith offered to help me. To my complete astonishment (and joy) the healing touch worked, and the pain gradually disappeared after a month. I am able to do everything now, and I don't take any pain killers. I still don't know how or why the treatment worked, but work it did. I am grateful to Judith for what she did. - George Adam, MD, FRCPC

I developed patello-femoral pain syndrome from running in my 40s. I had physiotherapy for it, but they told me it would return to haunt me. When it returned, Judith treated it once. Now except for the occasional twinge I don't even notice my knees. - Margaret B., Toronto

My knee feels 97.5% better
, only if I search to see where the pain is I can feel it a bit. Maybe I should stop searching!?:) - Norma J., Toronto

Knee feels stronger -- not as out of alignment. Better on stairs - normal walking. Husband said "you have knees!" because they looked normal for the first time. - JH, Toronto

Wow! My original pain has gone. I've had it for years. I am a believer in energy work, but I'd never have imagined the removal of this detrimental & on-going situation prior to working with Judith. - LB, Toronto

I have noticed my knee has less pain and greater mobility since starting this program. My knee is more flexible and I recover more fully and quickly after exercising. - RB, Toronto

My knee is completely free from pain for the first time in many years. - Alison Grant, Toronto

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HomeWhy bioenergy?Bioenergetic RehabilitationKNEESTestimonialsWorkshopsQ&AWho am I?Favorite LinksContact Us